🔸Tiny Tots Riding🔸



Riding for  3 & 4 year olds. We offer a 20 min session , These sessions are designed to develop confidence and basic skills. 

Sessions are 20 mins in duration 

£15 per sessions - week days

We can also offer a 30 mins session which includes an extra 10 mins grooming. Cost £20

🔸Listening Horsemanship®️ Riding and Horse Care🔸


At Equicate we believe it is just as important to understand the horse from the ground as it is from in the saddle. Sessions run for either 45 minutes  or 30 and include:

  • riding
  • horse care
  • understanding how the horse thinks and communicates.

45 mins £35 per sessions

30 mins £30 per session 

week days only.

Discounts for block bookings and payment in advance. 

🔸Pony Club🔸


We are now a Pony Club link centre and are running various sessions throughout the week during the holidays and term time. 

Currently we have an after school session on a Tuesday and a Home Ed session on a Friday. 

Please do get in touch for further details. 

This membership is available for horse owners and non horse owners. 

🔸Small Steps System🔸


Coming soon.....

You are enough. With our small steps system you can train your horse. We shall put together detailed plans to reshape the horse’s behaviour for you to work on with you horse yourself. Be prepared to put in the time and be prepared to be honest as our equine behaviourists will ask a lot of questions. We ask you to commit to yourself and take part in our self belief plan initially and then to work on your horse. 

Cost £15 per plan

self belief plan is currently free. 

🔸Holiday Activities🔸


Our holiday activity days and sessions are designed for those that enjoy outdoor time. We do not have an Ipad in sight! Learn how horses communicate, care for the horse, riding and of course fun and games! 

Prices vary depending on sessions. 

🔸Ride and Relax🔸


Equicate have 3 qualified Reiki level 2  practioners. We are able to offer reiki for both horse and human. We are now offering a combination of reiki and riding, which is suitable for all but in particular nervous and anxious riders where we first offer a reiki session, ground work and ride. Around 1hr 15 mins. Cost £65

🔸Stable Management Sessions🔸


Here at Equicate we believe it is not just about riding the horse but developing an in depth understanding of how to care for them and how they think.

We offer stable management/horse care  sessions throughtout the year for all ages and abilities.

£35 45 min session 

£30 30 mins 

Discounts for group bookings.

🔸Clinics & Clinic Venue🔸


We offer clinics throughout the year  and offer our facilities to run your own clinic. Please get in touch for details. 

🔸Listening Horsemanship®️Non Ridden Sessions🔸


These session can be with your own horse or with ours. This time is spent connecting with yourself and the horse. We use, relaxation, mindfulness, meditation, flow, Liberty, positive reinforcement and clicker and much more. 

More time should be spent out of the saddle and here at Equicate We recognise this. 

45 mins session £35 

🔸Listening Horsemanship Level One🔸


Listening Horsemanshio Level one includes connection time, observation, clicker training and how horses learn. 

This is run over a period of 4 weeks and to gain certification all session must be attended. 

🔸Coming Soon🔸


Coming soon.....

🔸Coming Soon🔸


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